Egyptian folklore class (intensive class)


For everyone wanting to learn about Egyptian folklore – dances, music, traditions, theatrical troupes, first researchers, history and actual state of folklore in Egypt. This course was organized as virtual live event and you cannow attend at your on pace by watching recordings and materials! Anytime, anywhere – unlimited access as long as this course exists.

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Subjects: Tahtib, Saidi, Raqs al Assaya, Nizzawi, Raqs al Khayl, El Kaf, Badawi, Amazigh, Bambouti, Melaya, Alexandrian dance, Hagala, Dahiya, Fellahi, Nubian culture, Al Hinna, Nakrazan, Raqs al Arousa, Hammama, Ghawazee… different dances, ethnical groups, customs of Egypt etc.

Character dance troupes and its work, first researchers, creating choreography of Egyptian folklore etc.

8 lectures:
UPPER EGYPT – tahtib, saidi, assaya, nizawi, mermah, el kaf…
UPPER EGYPT 2 – ghawazee (also touch of Lower Egypt ghawazee)
UPPER EGYPT 3 – Nubian dances (aragid, raqs al arousa…) and Southern dessert
Theatrical folklore – National and regional groups o Egypt, their role, history and why they are problematic
Egyptian folklore researchers and their work
LOWER EGYPT and Suez area – Alexandrian dance, Melaya, Bambouteya, Sohba (Raqs el sikyin), Suez area
Bedouin and amazigh music and dances in Egypt and their cross-influence
Fellahi and life in countryside vs. desserts vs. cities, social dance and classes
Egyptian traditional music – how to learn to recognize it

Theory or practise?
This course is focused on THEORY and research in Egyptian folklore.


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