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My journey to dance


The Oriental dance captivated me in 2004, and from the very first moment, I started dedicating myself to it intensively and eventually professionally. Thanks to dance, I can share my experiences with other students and fellow instructors. I assist in preparing dancers for competitions, create group choreographies, teach theoretical lectures, and engage in research on Egyptian folklore. Thanks to dance, I can travel the world for performances or teaching and get to know the whole world. I have embarked on dance-related journeys to countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, India, South Korea, and South Africa. My courses and seminars are always packed with information, and I never forget the uniqueness of each participant’s expression.

I help dancers experience the authentic environment in which dance is performed in Egypt

The beginning of my love for dance originated directly in Egypt, and that’s why I still return to Egypt every year. I study with local dancers such as Shahrzad, Randa Kamal, Aida Nour, and get to know musicians while participating in local celebrations. Thanks to this, I have been able to experience the authentic environment in which dance is practiced, and this influences all my activities. I strive to convey this experience to the dancers I work with. Egypt has also won me over with its diverse folklore, which I have studied with traditional artists all across Egypt, as well as with national groups like The Reda Troupe and Kawmeya Troupe. I have traveled through Egypt so extensively that in 2021, I decided to make a documentary about these people I visit and showcase local folklore to others.

Every project aims to bring the community together and provide opportunities for further development in dance

In the Czech Republic, I am deeply involved in the development of our dance community, which has led to the creation of various projects, such as an Egyptian folk dance group, an international festival Tales of Sahara that brought many dance stars to the Czech Republic, conferences for instructors to share know-how, various intensive workshops, and more. Each project aims to connect the community and offer opportunities for further development in dance. Many of them now have an international reach, such as the Al Raqs conference, podcasts, online lectures, and more.

Despite primarily focusing on activities for Czech dancers, I have been invited to international events, festivals, and as a judge for competitions. I had the privilege of being a guest at the European Oriental Festival and Bazar Oriental in Germany, the Oriental Festival in South Africa, the International Bellydance Festival in South Korea, Liptov Orient Fest in Slovakia, Oriswiss in Switzerland, Mandragon and Egyptian Fever in Poland, Austrienta in Austria, Orient Expo in Hungary, Let’s Dance Bellydance in Greece, and more. At several of these events, my group received trophies. One of the most precious to me was the 1st place at Let’s Dance in Prague, where our folkloric choreography received genuine recognition from Aida Nour and Yousry Sharif from Egypt. Another significant milestone for me was my two-year engagement in India, where I experienced numerous celebrations and performances.

Through private lessons, I help dancers refine their competitive performances

My experience as a judge in numerous competitions, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, has given me valuable insights that I use to assist other dancers in my teaching. Dancers can benefit from mentoring, where I help them refine their performances through private lessons. We work together to develop each dancer’s unique style. For groups, I create competition choreographies, primarily in the folkloric style but also in modern styles with props.

Fortunately, the Czech dance scene lacks excessive rivalry, so I often collaborate with dancers on various projects. Thanks to Kathreen Derouet, I had the opportunity to work on projects like “Top Czech Bellydancers” and “Tančím, tedy jsem.” I’ve also collaborated with Sahar and Karolina on their educational project, “Orient Art Club.” I’ve trained with Daima Dancers in Plzeň, TŠ Neila in Rýmařov, and many other fantastic dancers and dance schools.

I continue to embark on journeys around the world, whether in person or in the new age of online interactions

I continue to venture out into the world – whether in person or, with the advent of the new era, in online form. Where it all began – in Egypt – I was invited by dancer Farah Nasri to her “Bellydance on Location,” where I lectured on Egyptian folklore. I have also been a part of the American project “The Bellydance Bundle” for the second time, which offers online lessons. My film “Funoon Shaabeya” can be watched on Daturaonline, a project by the renowned dancer Rachel Brice. I completed everything with the filming of the documentary “Funoon Shaabeya” in Egypt.

Gratitude, this word probably doesn’t even begin to capture how I feel when I look back

Over the years, it feels like I’ve experienced not just one, but several dance lifetimes. Despite now being more of a guest dancer and instructor, I am still a student, and that’s one of the most important things that keeps me engaged in dance. Dance itself, the entire community, and we as dancers are continually evolving. Gratitude – this word probably doesn’t even begin to capture how I feel when I look back. And what’s next? I will continue with my activities, and I won’t hang up my costume on the nail anytime soon.

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