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Tales of…

Let’s meet in Brno

After 6 years, I’m back with a dance event that is, let’s say, a derivative of the best that the Tales of Sahara festival had to offer back in the day.

Do you remember Tales of Sahara? Well, this event won’t be exactly like that. But it is still a dance weekend, so what’s it about?

After several years, I’ve decided that I want to revive the dance scene in Brno, in the Czech Republic… but most importantly, I want to celebrate 20 years of my involvement in oriental dance with you.

That’s why the name is Tales of…, because these are my tales, so as yours… our tales!

My events are focused on developing the dance community, creating opportunities for dancers whether they are just starting out or already on a professional path. This has been and remains my mission. And it will be no different at this event. The show will feature “new” dancers who are the future of our scene in the Czech Republic, participants can sign up for the pre-show with their performance and get beautiful photos and videos from it. On Saturday, there will be an exclusive screening of “Making of Funoon Shaabeya” and an after-party at the Leyaly shisha restaurant. And of course, there will be international guests – the amazing Julia Farid, Yalia, and Badriyah will be coming. Together with them, I will be teaching a seminar and we will all share what we love most and what fulfills us.

So, will you come celebrate with me?


20 years of Sheyla


Friday 11th October

18:00 Pre-show

Sign up for your performance at the pre-show or be part of the audience and enjoy not only various performances but also delicious Arabic cuisine from Lounge Leyaly, an oriental bazaar, and maybe a coffee at the café. And hopefully, we’ll manage a few small surprises…

Dinner needs to be pre-ordered below at least a week in advance and will be served between 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM. You can bring your costumes to the bazaar that you want to sell (conditions below). Admission to this show is free and no advance reservation is required.


20:00 Show with guests

Are you excited to see Julia Farid, Yalia, Badriyah, and many of my guests from the Czech Republic and Slovakia? Come to the main show, where in addition to the performances, we’ll reminisce a little and prepare a few surprises for you.

The evening will be hosted by Badriyah & Kamila Cimbotová and will take place at Klub Leitnerka.


Saturday 12th October

10:00 – 12:00 Masterclass with Julia Farid

Elegance in action – arms technique, footwork, turns, poses and breathing exercises that will make your dance soft and graceful

13:00 – 15:00 Masterclass with Julia Farid

Oriental dance with Golden Era touch in Julia Farid’s style

15:30 – 17:30 Making of Funoon Shaabeya with Sheylou

Come and see the new/shorter version of the film and new footage from “Funoon Shaabeya,” along with a discussion about the filming with the film’s author, Sheyla. This event will not be repeated, and this version of the film will not be available online or for other group screenings. Don’t miss this opportunity.

20:00 – 22:00 Afterparty at Lounge Leyaly with show

Come and enjoy some delicious food, a hookah, tea, and performances by several dancers. And if you are a dancer, you can sign up to perform and experience dancing in an Arabic restaurant setting.

Sunday 13th October

9:00 – 10:30 Workshop with Sheyla

Baladi with melaya (or without) – Folklore is my passion, which probably doesn’t surprise you, and that’s why I’ve prepared a short choreography in the Egyptian baladi style for this occasion. If you have a melaya and want to use it, bring it along (I will have some available for borrowing), and we’ll use it at the beginning of the dance (it can be danced without a melaya as well).

11:00 – 12:30 Workshop with Yalia

Drum solo – A juicy drum solo that will feature flirtation, humor, and solid layering of elements in Yalia’s typical style.

13:00 – 14:30 Workshop with Badriyah

Lyrical modern oriental – Combine passion, femininity, and expression with oriental dance and let yourself be carried away by a new choreography from Badriyah, which mixes oriental dance with the principles of pop ladies styling to the cover version of the world-famous “Tamally Maak.”

Special Packages

Packages can be purchased at the Early-bird price until August 31, 2024.

Fullpass package

Enjoy the entire weekend with all show programs and seminars, and save money. The package also includes the opportunity to perform in the pre-show or at Leyaly.

220 USD instead of 245 USD

Package Julia

Friday show, seminars with Julia Farid, and the Making of Funoon Shaabeya.

125 USD instead of 140 USD

Package Workshops

All dance workshops  (Making of Funoon Shaabeya NOT included).

190 USD instead of 210 USD

Package Sunday

All Sunday workshops, so with Sheyla, Yalia and Badriyah.

95 USD instead of 105 USD

Full prices for each part of the program

Workshop with Julia Farid… 53 USD
Making of Funoon Shaabeya… 12 USD
Sunday workshop… 35 USD
Ticket to the show… 25 USD
Friday dinner… 8-11 USD
Admission to pre-show and afterparty is FREE

Your performance at the pre-show… 23 USD (includes professional photos and video)
Your performance at Leyaly… 13 USD (includes professional photos)
Stall at the bazaar on Friday… 45 USD
Used costumes bazaar… free

Do you want to have a stall at the bazaar?
Contact us at

Do you want to bring and sell your used costumes to another dancer?
Just come and bring your costumes (costumes only, no accessories). Contact me for more info at


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