EXTRA: Magda Saleh

If you dont know who Magda is yet, read articles below to have an idea. What more, she did her whole dissertation work traveling around Egypt documenting the dances in 70′. Here, we are looking a bit to past cos some dances are not existing or they changed a lot.

About Magda:

I am in close contact with Magda, we had several talks about her work and my Funoon Shaabeya film and she is happy to share her work to anyone who is truly and honestly interested Egyptian traditional arts, so with this permission I am sharing it with you, feel free to donwload and keep it in good hands.

I am planning a live event “in memory” of Magda, as she unfortunately passed away in 2023.

PS. I would give this as a homework, but it is time demanding. But really, its a piece of art!