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Being true to yourself, feeling great in your body, expressing your emotions through dance… Oriental dance (raqs sharqi) has taught me all that and much more, and I’m excited to pass it on to you through live courses in Brno – Czech republic, online lectures at my e-shop, or performances/workshops at your event.

Dance teacher, Egyptian folklore researcher, creator and visionary


I am dedicated to Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) and folklore. Throughout my dance career and international stays, I have taught and performed worldwide. Currently, I offer regular classes in Brno, Czech republic, workshops and shows abroad and variety of online lectures and courses and documentary about Egyptian traditional artists that you can stream right now.

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Dance festival Tales of…

Foreign guests – workshops, show, bazaar, screening, afterparty. Come and see what’s new on the dance scene! Learn from the best and share your dance at the pre-show.

11.-13.10.2024 in Brno, Czech republic


Documentary about Egyptian folklore


[Funoon Shaabeya] is a film documenting Egyptian traditional dance and music throughout the many regions in one of the world’s most fascinating places. From original settings to regional troupes. What folklore means to Egyptians and how it has shaped their culture. Today in modern Egypt we still see evidence of its vast past through tradition, folklore and it’s people which is highlighted in the documentary I’m producing.

The term [Funoon Shaabeya] refers to traditional art in general and the film is focusing on its folklore artists.

Dance Benefits

Why should you start with oriental dance too?

Feel better in your body

Your overall body posture and coordination will improve. You will enhance flexibility and strengthen your muscles.

Joy of Dance

Dance actively enhances healthy self-confidence and creativity. Through different coordination of movement, your mind and imagination will also develop.

Female Energy and Healthy Self-Love

Oriental dance is filled with sensual movements that effectively cultivate female energy and self-love.

Relaxation after a demanding day

On the courses, you will spend a pleasant time in a friendly atmosphere that will help you get rid of stress and unwind.


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Dance is my mission

That’s why I also focus on education and popularizing Raqs Sharqi (Oriental dance) and Egyptian traditional arts. I am the creator of many projects aimed at presenting these dances, music and culture in their authentic form, supporting and connecting the dance community internationally. Last but not least, I aim to bring these dances closer to the public through performances or beginner’s course instruction. You can listen to the stories of Czech and international dancers in the Orient Express Live! podcast, read a blog (soon in English), watch a documentary film about Egyptian folklore titled Funoon Shaabeya, which I filmed in 2021, or participate in the international online conference Al Raqs for dancers and dance students.

Journey to Egypt

It all began almost 20 years ago


In 2004, I found myself on vacation in Egypt with my family, where I first saw an Oriental dancer. She completely captivated me. I dreamed of a trip to Cairo because I had been fascinated by the history of Egypt (among other places) since childhood and had to see the pyramids. I fell in love with Cairo itself right away and kept returning every year. Upon my return, I started taking belly dance lessons with Magdalena Skalníková and found not only dance but also a model of femininity. For the first time, I felt like I was being myself, and I managed the challenging moments of puberty thanks to dance lessons. Shortly after, I started attending seminars in the Czech Republic, abroad, and even back in Cairo. I participated in performances and founded the first dance group.

free excerpt from the class

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