General Terms and Conditions

valid from 1/1/2024

for the sale of eBooks, worksheets, online courses and services in the form of live or online courses



(hereinafter referred to as “T&C”)

In the GTC you will find all important legal information regarding the sale of PDF materials, eBooks and the provision of online courses and services (live courses, individual lessons, etc.) through the website The GTC contain information that you need to have available before you click the order button. They also contain so-called information for consumers before concluding a contract in the sense of § 1820 of the Civil Code. Before concluding the contract, you indicate your agreement with the General Terms and Conditions by checking the appropriate box at the end of the order form. The General Terms and Conditions will thus become part of the concluded contract and will be binding for you as well. Therefore, please read them carefully. Thank you for taking the time to read them.




1. Website: For the purposes of these GTC, we mean the website

Digital content: These are products in digital (electronic) form. They can be e-books (electronic books), videos (usually recordings of webinars and videos that are part of online courses), online courses, etc.
Product: If we write about Product, Products in the GTC, we mean Digital Content. So we use these two terms equally.
Services: Live events such as courses, seminars, lectures that take place live
Is a legal/natural person who provides Digital Content offered on the Website. The provider is:
Tereza Bártová Klementová

ID: 71948627

Registered office: Klatovská 3, Brno 60200


Phone: +420775672203

The provider is registered in the trade register. The competent authority according to § 71 paragraph 2 of the Trade Act is Malinovského nám. 624/3, 602 00 Brno-střed

The delivery address is the same as the registered address. We are available to you on the above e-mail for normal communication and for possible processing of suggestions and complaints.

If “We”, “Us”, “Our”, etc. are mentioned in the text of the GTC, this always means the Provider.

User: The user is the one who concludes a contract with Us as the Provider through the Website for the provision of digital content. The user can be both a consumer and an entrepreneur or a non-entrepreneurial legal entity (for example, an association).
If “You”, “Your”, “Your”, etc. are mentioned in the text of the GTC, this always means the User.
Consumer: According to the applicable legal regulations, a consumer is a natural person who does not act as part of his business activity or as part of an independent profession. If you are a natural person and you include an ID number in the order, you declare that you are entering into the Agreement as an entrepreneur and not as a consumer. This has an impact primarily on the possibility of withdrawing from the contract without stating the reasons and on claims from liability for defects and the handling of complaints.
Agreement for the provision of digital content: This is an agreement that we enter into together. It is a new contract type (from 6/1/2023) and is used for the sale and provision of Digital Content. If the term “Agreement” is used in the following text, it means the Digital Content Provision Agreement. The process of concluding the Agreement via the web interface is described in detail in these GTC. The contract is concluded in the Czech language, archived in electronic form and is not accessible to third parties. The contract is formed by your order (completed order form), and its acceptance by us and these GTC. We will send you a written confirmation of the conclusion of the Agreement by e-mail. The provisions of the GTC also apply in cases where the User is a Consumer and provides us with his personal data instead of a reward, and at the same time we have agreed that these data (typically an email contact) are not only used to provide (make available) Digital Content or fulfill legal obligations.
Contract concluded at a distance: This is a Contract that is concluded by means of distance communication, i.e. it is concluded without us having to meet in person, as we use the Web and e-mail to conclude it. The costs associated with the use of means of remote communication (especially the costs of internet connection) are paid by you as a User and do not differ from the normal rate charged by your operator, or internet connection provider. By placing an order, you expressly agree to the use of means of remote communication.
Consumer Agreement: It is an Agreement in which the consumer acts as a User. In many cases, the consumer has an advantage over other users. If a right applies only to the Consumer, it is expressly stated in these GTC

edeno (i.e. instead of “User” “Consumer” is stated).
Binding General Terms and Conditions: At the end of the order form, before sending the order, you give your consent to the General Terms and Conditions by checking the appropriate box. The General Terms and Conditions thus become part of the Agreement and are binding both for us and for you.
Governing laws: These are the applicable laws that apply to the Agreement and the relationship between us arising from this Agreement. This is in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code as amended by later legal regulations (hereinafter referred to as “NOZ”) and, in cases where the User is a consumer, it is also Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on the protection consumer as amended by later legal regulations. If specific §§ of legal regulations are referred to in this text, you can click to view their current wording directly.

This is a summary of information according to § 1820 NOZ.

Data on the main properties of the Digital Content are always provided directly in the description of the Product on the Web. By clicking on individual items or on the sales pages of individual Products, you will see a detailed description, including, for example, the possibility or impossibility of purchasing the Product in installments. The Products also indicate who they are or are not suitable for, how long they last, whether the course starts on a specific day for all participants or is accessible at any time after payment, whether there is a Facebook support group for the course (and for how long), or on another platform, what bonuses are provided, etc. Therefore, please pay attention to the description of the Product and, in case of confusion, contact Us before ordering the Product.
We have already provided information about Our identity, registered office address, telephone number and e-mail delivery address above, in Article I, paragraph 4 of the General Terms and Conditions.
The price of the Products is always indicated in their description. For Digital Content, it is the final price. In the recapitulation of the order in the order form, the total price for all ordered Products is given (if it is possible to include more Products in one order).
Products can be paid for by card or traditional bank transfer.
The digital content is delivered within the period specified in the description on the Website. For online courses, access data according to the type of online course (whether it is a joint mass start or the online course can be entered at any time during the year after payment of the purchase price) is provided either immediately automatically or within 3 days of payment of the price or on the predetermined start date of the online course.
The consumer may withdraw from the Agreement within 14 days of its conclusion. To withdraw, you can use the sample form, which is an annex to the GTC and the link to it is given at the end of the GTC, or you can withdraw in any other way so that it is clear which Contract the Consumer is withdrawing from and which Product the withdrawal concerns.
The consumer has the right to claim a defective Product and thereby exercise his rights from defective performance. Details are given in Article VII. GTC
Data on functionality, compatibility and interoperability according to § 1811 paragraph 2 letter h) and i) NOZ: For full functionality, digital content requires that you have available hardware and software equipment to play the content according to the nature of the individual materials (files in .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, videos, audio). You must also have a working connection and updated software and browser to view/play content. We are not responsible for the unavailability of content in the event of non-functioning or slow speed of your Internet connection or uncompleted updates or short-term unavailability in the event of data maintenance or server outages.
Complaint handling, supervisory and state supervision authorities: If you have a complaint about the concluded Agreement, its performance or our activities, please contact us at We do business on the basis of a trade license, therefore the control body is the relevant trade office. Supervision of compliance with regulations on consumer protection is primarily carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection. Compliance with regulations on personal data protection is supervised by the Office for Personal Data Protection. You can also address your complaints to these authorities.
Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes: If a consumer dispute arises between the Provider and the Consumer, the Consumer has the right to its out-of-court settlement. The subject of out-of-court settlement pursuant to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, is the Czech Trade Inspection, Central Inspectorate – ADR Department, Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2. All details on out-of-court dispute resolution are available on the website of the Czech Trade Inspection:,, e-mail: The consumer can also use the online dispute resolution platform established by the European Commission at

1. Products can only be ordered via the Web, specifically by filling out and sending the order form. Please pay attention to the description of the Products and if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us with your additional questions before ordering.

Presentation of Products shown on W

ebu is informative. As a Provider, we are not obliged to conclude a Contract.
In the order form, as a Provider, you fill in your name, surname or company, or ID number, VAT number, information about the ordered Product (by clicking on the selected item, or a specific variant of the Product, if more than one is offered), billing address and delivery address (if we are also to supply you with some “physical” supporting materials and aids, e.g. printed workbooks, etc. and the delivery address is different), e-mail, and you select the method of payment. Before sending the order, you have the option to check the entered data and, if necessary, correct it. Submit your order by clicking the order button below the order. By doing so, you simultaneously undertake to pay for the ordered Products. By sending the order, the Contract is concluded.
We will inform you about the receipt of the e-mail with your order by e-mail sent to the e-mail you entered when ordering. This e-mail also includes the text of these General Terms and Conditions, a confirmation of the conclusion of the contract and an (advance) invoice.
If the Contract has already been concluded, any changes to the concluded Contract are possible only on the basis of an agreement between us, or you can withdraw from the Contract if the law or these GTC allow it.
If in doubt, we can contact you to verify the authenticity of the order, and if the authenticity of the order cannot be verified, we will no longer deal with such an order.
You can order Products on the Website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that in exceptional cases, the E-shop may be temporarily unavailable due to necessary website maintenance or as a result of circumstances for which we are not responsible, such as internet connection outages, etc.


1. Price of Products: The price is indicated directly for each Product in its description on the Website. The provider is not a VAT payer. The price is valid for the entire time it is listed on the Website. If you have a discount code, and it can be used for a given Product at the time of ordering, after applying it by entering it in the relevant field of the order form, you will see the price after the discount (that is, the price you will pay thanks to the discount code and which is lower than the regular price, without sales).

Negotiated price and possible errors in the stated price: The negotiated price is the price indicated for the Product at the time of dispatch of your order. If there is an obvious error when specifying the price on the Website (this means mainly a typo, an error when entering the price) or a similar error in the process of concluding the Contract, then we are not obliged to deliver the Product to you at such an obviously incorrect price, even if the Contract was concluded. In the event that you have already paid this obviously incorrect price, we are entitled to withdraw from the Contract and in that case we will return the amount paid to you.
Delivery of the Product only after payment: Unless otherwise expressly agreed between us, we are obliged to deliver the Product to you only after full payment of the agreed price. The exception is in particular the sale of the Product with the option to pay the price in installments – this option is always listed, including the conditions, on the Product’s sales page.
Payment options for the purchase price:
By cashless payment card directly on our website or by classic bank transfer to our bank account: you will receive payment instructions in the form of an advance invoice in the e-mail confirming receipt of the order by e-mail. When paying, please remember to include the relevant variable symbol so that the payment can be matched quickly and the Products delivered as soon as possible.
Payment of the price: The price is payable within 7 days from the conclusion of the Contract, unless otherwise stated in the Product description. The due date is indicated on the invoice. In the case of payment by classic bank transfer, the price is paid at the moment when the relevant amount is credited to our bank account.
Payment of the price in installments: The price of some Products can be paid in two or more installments. This information, including whether it is possible to pay in 2 or more installments, is shown directly on the sales page of the specific Product. If you want to use the option of payment in installments, select this option directly in the order form. We are obliged to deliver the product (access data to it) only after the first installment has been paid. The next installment must be paid when it is due, otherwise we are entitled to suspend your access to the Product without further notice. However, this does not affect your obligation to pay the next installment(s). Access will be allowed again only after payment of the given next installment. In the event of a delay in payment of any installment for more than 10 days, we are entitled to withdraw from the Agreement. Withdrawal must be in writing and sent by e-mail to the contact specified in the order or later communicated by the Buyer, or sent by letter to the Buyer’s address specified in the order or later communicated by the Buyer for the purpose of delivering documents.


A / Digital products
1. Delivery options: When purchasing an online course, after payment of the price, a user account will be created on the web interface and access data for your user account will be generated and sent to the e-mail specified in the order (terms of use are set out in Article VI of these GTC). When it comes to buying a second or

of another online course, new access data are no longer generated, you can access other online courses by entering the same access data. If the online course opens on the same day for all registered participants, you will receive access data after payment, or the environment of the member section of the online course will be made available to you on a previously announced day. After logging in using your credentials, digital content will be delivered to you by making the members section available. If it is effective with regard to the continuity of the content, the individual lessons will be made available to you gradually, according to the schedule indicated on the “bulletin” of the member section of the online course.

Delivery time: The online course will be delivered within 3 days after the payment is credited to our bank account, or online payment made. The exception is online courses with a mass start on a predetermined day. For these online courses, the access data will usually be sent only on the day the online course starts (assuming, of course, that at that time the price or, in the case of installment sales, the 1st installment has already been properly paid).
Shipping costs (shipping): These costs do not arise for Digital Content.
B / Mass online one-off events / online workshops

Online one-off events or online workshops (with or without recording) will be delivered according to the conditions specified in the service description on the web interface, or individually negotiated. The customer acknowledges that by purchasing this product, the Provider reserves a place for him that cannot be occupied by another participant, and in the event that the customer does not participate in such an event for reasons on his part, the deadline is forfeited and the Provider is entitled to a refund of the entire price of the given product. However, the Provider may provide the customer with a recording if the Provider takes it from the event in question and it is stated so in the product description. There is no right to provide a record if this is not stated in the description of the product in the Provider’s offer.

C / Online action

The provider negotiates with the customer or sets dates for this type of product for the customer to choose through the reservation system. Before holding an online one-off event or consultation (even if they are part of other services or products), it is possible to request a change of date for particularly serious reasons on the part of the customer (e.g. illness, etc.) no later than 48 hours before the event .). This option can only be used once within the given product or service, otherwise the date will be forfeited without compensation and the Provider will be entitled to payment of the full price, due to the binding reservation of the date for the customer. In cases worthy of special attention, it is possible to request an individual agreement, but the right to change does not arise automatically. This arrangement does not affect those products and services where collective personal or online consultations or online workshops are arranged for a group of participants; in this case, an individual change of consultation dates is excluded and the date is forfeited without compensation.


D / Live group lessons (courses)

The dates of live group lessons (courses) are listed by the provider in advance and the customer is obliged to familiarize himself with them. If the customer purchases a group lesson (course) and does not attend an individual lesson or several lessons or does not use up the entire paid course fee due to reasons on the part of the customer, he acknowledges that he is not entitled to any financial compensation. The course fee is paid for the entire course, not for its individual lessons or otherwise specified parts.


E / Live group events (one-off workshops, etc.)

In the case of a one-off live event (workshops and similar activities), it is possible to apologize within 14 days before the start of the event after binding registration; in such a case, the Provider will refund the full amount paid to the customer. Later apologies cannot be taken into account by the Provider and the Provider is entitled to payment of the full price of the event (the paid price belongs to the Provider as compensation for the place at this event). The aforementioned measure is established for the reason that the Provider obligatorily reserves such a place for the customer and thus does not allow the participation of other interested parties. The number of customers at this type of event is usually limited. When purchasing a one-off live event, however, it is possible to always send a substitute for yourself in the event of non-participation, without any additional fees or other compensation. The condition is full payment of the price for this event.



1. For online courses, we set up a user account for you. To play its content, depending on the nature of the individual materials (pdf, video, audio), it is necessary to have a functional connection and updated software and a browser for viewing/playing the content. We are not responsible for the unavailability of content in the event of non-functioning or slow speed of your Internet connection or uncompleted updates or short-term unavailability in the event of data maintenance or server outages.

We provide digital content (content of the online course) for the period specified for each Product. During the period for which the Digital Content is provided, you will also have access to all

em to its updates that will be made during that time. So you always have access to the most current version of the given online course.
The products are created using the author’s knowledge, experience and years of experience. These are instructions and recommendations and it depends only on you how you use them in practice and what care and effort you put into putting this information into practice. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for what specific results you will achieve based on the Products and what specific steps you will take. We explicitly point out that success depends not only on the knowledge gained through our Products, but also on other factors, including your abilities, your initial situation, the market situation.
IMPORTANT NOTE – ADVANCEMENT OF COURSE/PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: Some online courses require a participant’s advanced level to participate and are not suitable as introductory or “beginner” courses. This fact is stated directly in the description of the given Product and we strongly ask you to respect this recommendation. Otherwise, your participation may be without the expected effect or even counterproductive.

User account: After purchasing an online course, after payment of the price, you will receive access data to log into your user account, as stated in the section on delivery conditions (Article V. GTC). You undertake to keep the access data confidential and not to allow third parties to use it. As a User, you also undertake to keep your data listed in your user account up-to-date and true. In the event of a serious breach of your obligations arising from the Agreement or these GTC, we are entitled to disable or cancel your user account even without prior notice. At the same time, purchased online courses and all provided electronic gifts and bonuses will be disabled.
Copyright: All of Our Products are protected by copyright and it is not possible to further distribute them or their content without Our prior express written consent or enable its use by other persons. The only exceptions are cases where the law or a directly applicable regulation (regulation) of the European Union so stipulates. Violation of copyright is punishable not only under copyright law, but can also be a criminal offence. As regards Digital Content, we grant the User a license to use it for their own use for an indefinite period of time, starting with their delivery after proper payment of the full price or proper payment of the first agreed installment of the price. For Digital Content with a price paid in installments, the license is granted only for the period when the individual installments are paid. After payment of the full price, the license is granted for an indefinite period. If there is a violation of copyright or the rules for the use of the user account (listed in the previous paragraph) or a withdrawal from the Agreement, the license provided is canceled with the moment of such violation or the effectiveness of the withdrawal, unless we expressly agree otherwise in writing. The license does not entitle the User to provide the Digital Content to other persons, to distribute it further or to use it for profit-making purposes in the form of teaching/passing on the acquired information and procedures for payment to other persons. If you would like to use quotations from our Products, beyond the scope of the so-called legal license, please contact us in advance and we will agree on the possibility of such use.


1. Cases in which, as a Consumer, you can/cannot withdraw from the Contract without giving reasons for the delivery of Digital Content:
As a Consumer, you have the right to withdraw from the Contract for the provision of digital content within 14 days from the conclusion of this contract.

Procedure for withdrawing from the Agreement without giving a reason:
If the conditions for the possibility of withdrawing from the Agreement are met, it is necessary that you send the withdrawal by e-mail or post to Our address within the 14-day period specified in paragraph 1 of this article or withdraw in another obvious way (e.g. by sending an SMS message). You can write (carry out) the withdrawal completely informally (however, it must be clear which Agreement you are withdrawing from, or which Product it refers to, if it does not apply to all Products purchased at the same time) or you can fill in and send the prepared form, which is listed on the last page of these GTC . If you use the sample form, we will confirm its receipt without undue delay. You do not need to provide any reason for withdrawal.
To withdraw, please attach a copy of the payment document, an invoice or other document or evidence to prove that these are Products purchased from us within 14 days before withdrawing from the Contract. This will significantly speed up the processing of the whole matter. However, failure to submit these documents does not prevent your withdrawal from the Agreement from being processed. Please also include information on the choice of refund method if you do not want to return it in the same way as you paid for it.
Refund: We will refund the money we received from you as payment for the Products within 14 days of withdrawing from the Agreement at the latest. We will return the money to you in the same way in which you paid it to Us, unless you agree to a different payment method, which would not involve additional costs for you.

Failure to meet the conditions for standing

withdrawal from the Agreement without giving reasons: If, in a specific case, the User withdraws from the Agreement with reference to the possibility of withdrawal without giving reasons, but at the same time some of the conditions are not fulfilled (e.g. withdrawal is made later than the 14-day deadline), we will notify the User of this impossibility without delay. In such a case, we cannot return the money to the User.
Withdrawal from the Contract in other cases, cancellation of the Contract:
In the event that you do not pay the full price even within 10 days after its due date, the Agreement is canceled upon expiry of this period. In the event that we have previously received partial payment for the price from you, we will return it to you within 14 days of the termination of the Contract, unless otherwise expressly agreed between us. The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to Products for which you have chosen to pay the price in installments.
Both You as the User and We as the Provider are further entitled to withdraw from the Agreement in cases provided by law or specified in these GTC.
In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, we are always entitled to suspend or cancel access to your user account and to the purchased online programs, which are affected by the withdrawal, even without prior notice.
In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, we are always entitled to suspend or cancel access to your user account and to the purchased online programs, which are affected by the withdrawal, even without prior notice. If you withdraw from the Agreement as a User, you are then obliged to refrain from further use of the Digital Content, including providing it to any third party.
Returning a gift provided for a paid order:
If a gift is given to you together with the Product, the gift contract is concluded between us with the severance condition that if you withdraw from the Contract without giving reasons, the gift contract ceases to be effective and you are obliged to return the gift to us no later than 14 days from return the withdrawal from the Agreement.



1. Important sections according to which the claim is to be processed: Rights arising from defective performance are governed by applicable laws and regulations. This is mainly the provisions of Sections 1914 to 1925. For Digital Content, the provisions of Sections 2389a to 2389f and for Consumers also Sections 2389g to 2389s.

Defects for which we are responsible for Digital Content: As the Provider, we are responsible to you that the Digital Content is free of defects when it is made available and also during the period when we provide it afterwards (i.e. the “duration of the obligation”). As far as the Consumer is concerned, the Digital Content has defects, especially if it does not comply with the provisions of § 2389i NOZ. We are responsible for the consumer for defects that become apparent during the duration of the commitment. If the defect becomes apparent within 12 months of making it available, it is considered that the Digital Content was already defective when it was made available. As a Consumer, you can complain about a defect for which we are responsible (exercise rights from defective performance) within the general 3-year statute of limitations. Other Users must complain about the defect without undue delay after they could have discovered it with sufficient care.
If a defect in the Digital Content becomes apparent during the duration of the commitment (for the time it is to be available to you), it is up to Us to prove that the Digital Content is provided without defects. If we prove that the defect was caused by inadequate technical or software equipment or a network connection for accessing or using the Digital Content necessary for the proper functioning of the Digital Content (hereinafter referred to as the “User’s digital environment”), although the User was clearly and clearly informed of its need before concluding the contract , the provisions of the 1st sentence of this paragraph shall not apply. To verify whether the defect occurred as a result of the User’s unsatisfactory digital environment, you as the User are obliged to provide Us with the necessary cooperation to the extent that can reasonably be required. The obligation to cooperate is limited only to technically available means that are as least intrusive as possible for you. If you refuse to cooperate, even though you have been clearly and comprehensibly informed about this obligation and the consequences of its violation before concluding the contract (i.e. in these GTC), the provisions of the 1st sentence of this paragraph shall not apply.
What claims can you make in the event of a defect in the Digital Content?
· you can demand the removal of the defect, if it is not disproportionately expensive or impossible
In the event that we refuse to remove the defect or do not remove it properly, or the defect manifests itself even after removal, or the defect is a material breach of the contract (i.e. if you had known about such a defect in advance, you would not have wanted to buy the Digital Content at all) or, from Our statement or behavior it was obvious that we will not remove the defect in a reasonable time or without unnecessary difficulties for the Consumer, then you can demand as a consumer:
· a reasonable discount or
· withdraw from the contract.
The reasonable discount is determined as the difference between the value of the Digital Content without a defect and the defective Digital Content provided to the User. If the Digital Content is to be provided for a certain period of time, the period during which it was provided defectively shall be taken into account; The discount belongs to the user

even if he withdraws from the Agreement. The User cannot withdraw from the contract if the defect in the Digital Content is insignificant; it is considered that the defect is not insignificant.
Making a claim:
Please submit your complaint without undue delay. If the subject of the complaint should be undelivered access data to the Digital Content, please check the “bulk mail” or spam folders first. You can also make a complaint by sending a simple message by e-mail, which clearly shows who is complaining, what and for what reason, and how they propose to handle the complaint. We welcome it if you attach an invoice or other proof of purchase, a description of the claimed defect and a proposed solution to the claim. If it is possible and expedient to prove the claimed defect, attach photo documentation (screen print), or other document or means of proof, to the claim.
We will handle the complaint in a reasonable time, taking into account the nature of the digital content and the purpose for which the Consumer requested it. If you are a Consumer, then we will also inform you about the handling of the complaint during this Digital Content period, to the contact e-mail indicated in the confirmation of acceptance of the complaint. Unless you then provide us with a different contact email for the purposes of this information. In the confirmation of handling a complaint for the Consumer in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, we will state a confirmation of the date and method of handling the complaint, including confirmation of the repair (removal of the defect) and its duration, or written justification for the rejection of the complaint.
Return of the paid price and provision of a discount in the event of a recognized complaint:
If we recognize the complaint as justified and the result is to be a discount from the price already paid or a refund of the price paid, the refund will be made in the same way as you paid the price, no later than 14 days from the claim being made, if it is a Consumer claim made for the provision of Digital content.


1. We publish references to our Products on the Website, sales pages, on our profiles on social networks and in e-mail and similar communications with Consumers. These references are always references of our Users and are published with their consent. Before publishing the reference, we always verify that it is the person who purchased the Product from us by checking the data in the accounting (on paid invoices). Alternatively, these are references that we have received from our Users as part of filling in the feedback – questionnaire sent to the User after the delivery of the Product, or for the online course after its completion. The questionnaire is sent directly to the contact email listed in the User database and thus it is ensured that such a reference comes from the User.


The contract is concluded for a fixed period, until the fulfillment of the obligations of the Provider and the User arising from the contract.
The protection of personal data is dealt with in a separate document.
These GTC are effective from 01/01/2024
We are entitled to change the GTC unilaterally. However, the wording that was effective at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement is always binding.

Tereza Bártová Klementová
Klatovská 3, 60200 Brno
ID: 71948627