Let’s get ready for a gig – guide with practical tips

Get ready for a gig with me! Over the many years of performing at different venues, I have created a list of things that I do to prepare for the show, bring with me to the show, and, of course, there are things we could do after we perform. Let’s go straight to it!

Communicating The Show

When I am talking to a client, there are things I want to know about the show – what is the occasion? What venue? Is there another program, theme, or color setting? My aim is to have a happy client and align with the purpose of the event. If it’s a birthday, I might think of including that person in my dance. Is it a restaurant-type venue with no stage? I might think of dances that fit to perform between tables instead of taking bigger props such as Isis wings. If it is a themed event, especially one with a core color, I might choose costume color based on that. I also ask about the crowd – what kind of people will be there? Are there businessmen from high management or families, for example? One practical tip – ask about the dress code because often you cannot use the backdoor and you move through the crowd (more or less) so if there is a dress code, try to adhere to it. Try to find out more, and care about the event.

Happy Dancer, Happy Customer

Always make sure to ask how your music will be handled (do they have a sound system and someone to introduce you?) – do you take your USB, do they need music ahead of time? Have it ready and bring your backup anyway. It is quite important to know what kind of surface you will dance on – a clean floor is better than dancing outside on the grass. You will also need a neat place to change and someone to keep an eye on your stuff, but having a key to your changing room is the best. Write down what you need for your show and include it in your deal (contract, written agreement…).

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The Day of the Show

My preparation starts with a good sleep (if that is even possible!) and hydration! Since morning, I drink a lot of water because it’s going to keep me fresh, and my skin will be ready for lots of makeup in the evening (my skin can get dry, especially the lips). I usually go through my choreographies, do some stretching, check my music, check my costumes, and pack my bag hours before leaving – just because like this, I have to check it again before leaving, and there is a bigger chance that if I forget something, I will realize before going out. I am doing most of the hairstyling and make-up at home before going to the gig. I also think it is very important to follow a certain diet and eat protein, good fat, and veggies (leaving carbs behind) before the show as the energy will stay longer, and there won’t be that carb peak with energy drop.

Packing the Bag

Based on what I know about the venue and my schedule, I pack my bag accordingly. Besides costume, make-up, and hairstyling stuff, I always have:

  • music backup
  • costume cover to move around
  • fancy slippers (with glitters, yes!)
  • wet wipes (if I dance barefoot or for my armpits)
  • towel (for the sweat or if there is a chance to take a shower if needed afterwards, sometimes I just wash my feet)
  • toothbrush (especially if I know I will be eating there or just before the show)
  • sewing kit, of course!



Just before Going to Stage

Do a little warm-up, then I jump a bit to ground myself, roll my backbone, breathe in my belly… Check your teeth – no food leftovers or lipstick all over your teeth! Check your armpits, especially if you wear a dark sweater. I also check my eyelashes to be in place, and of course, make up, hair, and costume (nothing is loose). One more thing I check is my wrist – no hair band? Good, because I always have one. You might have a problem with a watch if you wear it 🙂 and one last thing, check your feet – don’t forget to take off your slippers (or socks).

Once I am ready and waiting for my music, I close my eyes and try to get into the feeling. I tell myself some affirmations, reminding myself why I am there. Only then am I ready to have fun on the stage!

TIPS! Check Zara for her cool affirmations!



After I finish my dance

As soon as possible I am taking my costume off to let it breathe and wipe off some sweat. I cool down, drink water and get some air, put my legs up for a minute. I always say goodbye to my client and thank them for having me. When I come home I take out my costumes and hang them to dry, best is fresh air if you can. If you dance with LED light props, take the batteries out always. I drink some water, take a shower, take of my makeup, put on some hydrating cream/mask and if its summer I take extra care of my feet (I usually have more sore feet in summer), giving my feet a hot bath with salt is simply amazing but if its too late Im gonna go to sleep and I try to do it next day.

And if you have a baby like me, most of those things are now a little bit science fiction 😀 but do what you can to enjoy your work!

And most of all HAVE FUN!




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