performance and full-length show

We dance for you and your guests

We’ll liven up your event

By showcasing an oriental dancer or even a group of belly dancers, your event will become truly unique. We primarily perform at social, corporate, and cultural events, wearing professional costumes and performing authentic choreographies not only of oriental dance. It will be an unforgettable show…


We will tailor the show concept to perfectly fit your event and entertain your guests. With over 20 choreographies, colorful props, and original costumes in our repertoire, we guarantee a captivating performance. During the show, we will engage the audience with a short dance animation program or dance lessons.


Each dance performance lasts approximately 4-5 minutes and can be performed multiple times throughout the evening with costume, prop, music changes, etc. Different styles of performances can be combined for a longer show. We are able to create an entire evening program or themed choreographies just for you.


For the performance, we need you to provide high-quality musical equipment. A lockable dressing room for changing with a mirror, a clean and even dance floor (if the event takes place outdoors, on an unusual surface, please inform us in advance).

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We do more than bellydance

Our repertoire is diverse


Let yourself be captivated by our offering of choreographies and dance styles. Each one is authentic and comes with original costumes. Belly dances with swords, fans, or veils will transport you to the Middle East. Samba, Mambo, or Hawaiian dance will get you off your seat! Sensual Virgin Burlesque, dancing on chair or with tambourine dances will not leave you cold.

  • Original costumes, no substitutes from Ali Express.
  • Authentic dance performances, we collaborate with experienced instructors from around the world, not from YouTube.

We will prepare an entertainment program for your guests and involve them in the action.

How it can look at your event

How much will it cost?

Solo Performance

A solo performance is perfect for smaller events where there is limited space for dancing or no stage.

starting from 4,000 CZK

– 1 dancer
– 1-3 routines of approximately 5 minutes each
– 1-3 costumes, props, and dance styles- 1 dance with the guests

Group Performance

Performance is suitable for larger events, balls, corporate events, and big events. Full evening program.

starting from
10,500 CZK

– 3 dancers
– 1-3 entries of approximately 5 minutes each
– 1-3 costumes, props, and dance styles
– 1 dance with guests

Animated Program

Our accompanying program is offered alongside our show or as a standalone option. We have a wide range of activities available for all age groups and types of events. From dance workshops to competitions, henna painting to drumming, and even Arabic cuisine and perfumes, there’s something for everyone.

We will provide a final price based on your specific requirements regarding the number of dances, dancers, and, if desired, a specific entertainment program. Please send us a non-binding inquiry.

Are you interested?

Send us a non-binding inquiry